Rent tripod Manfrotto 190 Series


Tripod series 190 aluminum 4 sections

  • 90 ° central column system for taking new perspectives
  • The Quick Power Lock system allows a quick and practical setup
  • The Easy Link allows you to add accessories such as LED light to the tripod
  • The new Leg Angle Selector allows fluid maneuvers
  • Premium Italian Style
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Manfrotto series 190 aluminum tripods 4 sections (Day)

The 190XPRO4 kickstand is a compact 4 section aluminum tripod with advanced features and excellent build quality. The main feature of the 190XPRO4 is the central tilting column mechanism at 90 °, which allows the column to extend normally in a vertical position, or to position itself horizontally obtaining a wide range of shots. This feature makes the 190XPRO4 an extremely versatile tripod, suitable for a wide range of photo and video applications. 

Stable extensible legs for the safety of your equipment

You can extend the 4-section legs of the 190XPRO4 quickly, thanks to the Quick Power locking levers that lock and unlock each section. The special design of the QPL levers also allows a more comfortable and stronger grip of the leg closures. When closed, you can extend the sections of each leg of the tripod in one movement. The angular selectors of the legs are more intuitive and ergonomic and can be adjusted independently, allowing considerable freedom of positioning.

The innovative bubble level can rotate 360 ° so that you can always position where it is most convenient and accessible for use depending on the type of head or equipment supported. The upper cross has an EASYLINK connector, which transforms the 190 into a mobile studio and allows to mount an LED light, a reflector panel or another accessory through an arm. The 190XPRO4 is a product made in Italy by Manfrotto.

Perfect for use with manfrotto trestle heads for photography and video! 

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