DJI Phantom 4 Pro


Autonomy 30min
Range of action 7km
Video resolution 4K
Photo resolution 20Mpx
Sensors 30m, 360 °
Speed ​​20m / s
live view 720p
Weight 1388g


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There are many important new features compared to the previous Phantom 4.
New sensors with 360° obstacle detection for maximum flight safety, allow the drone to detect obstacles up to 30 meters away and to fly even in closed and very narrow environments.

By activating the “return home” function, the drone returns to the “base” and recognizes the point where it is landing, automatically avoiding to settle in the water or on an unsuitable place.

In case of interruption of the radio signal, the Phantom 4 Pro re-enters and waits for new commands.

If the radio signal does not reach it, it returns to the “base”, avoiding obstacles in its path.

The radio link is made at 2.4 or 5.8 GHz, automatically selected depending on the quality of the signal, the new radio provides a GPS and compass in addition to the HDMI and microSD ports.

With sharper images, the camera now has a 1-inch and 20-megapixel sensor, with 12 stops of dynamic range to capture maximum detail even in low light.

Also available the “Phantom 4 Pro Plus” version with display on the radio, so that it does not require a mobile phone screen for use.

Autonomy 30min
Range of action 7km
Video resolution 4k
Photo resolution 20Mpx
Sensors 30 m, 360°
Speed ​​20 m/s
live view 720p
Weight 1388 g

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