Zenmuse Z15 DJI


Zenmuse Z15 DJI


Available for the following camera models (specify the chosen one in the order):

  • Canon 5D Mark III
  • Sony A7
  • Panasonic GH4
  • BlackMagic Pocket Cinema
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Check out Zenmuse Z15 professional gimbal

Zenmuse Z15 DJI

Professional high performance 3-axis Gimbal Z15
The new DJI Zenmuse gimbal system has been designed and developed to shoot professional aerial photographs and photographs. Even during a high-speed flight, it is possible to control the photographic equipment with maximum precision, always enjoying exceptional stability, thanks also to the angle control included in the range between ± 0.05 °.

Multiple methods of control
The gimbal offers three types of control modes, LOCKED orientation, UNLOCKED orientation and MID-POINT mode (horizontal mode), and you can quickly switch between modes at any time. Choosing the right mode and using the easy and quick control of the 3 axes, users will have the opportunity to make excellent videos and striking aerial shots.

3 rotation axes: unlimited angle
The whole of the wiring is that of power supply and of signal, it is integrated within the structure of the Gimbal, thus offering the possibility to rotate on all three axes at 360 °. The yaw control reaches ± 360 °, as well as pitch control and roll control can reach ± ​​40 °, (± 360 ° continuous mechanical rotation).

Built-in of the independent IMU module
Thanks to years of dedication, DJI has obtained for their UAV systems (autopilot) a perfect algorithm that, together with the high precision induction device, is able to correct and refine the structure. The separate controller for the gimbal is connected via CAN connections to the main controller of the DJI autopilot system. Many users describe incredibly precise and extremely fast gimbal rotation controls when receiving orders from the main controller.

Special servos for the control of the Gimbal Zenmuse Z15
The special servo controls meet all Zenmuse control requirements by offering very high precision, low vibration and high torque.

HDMI-AV module

To minimize the weight of the aircraft, the video output module that transforms the HDMI signal into AV, is devoid of unsightly and compromising connection wires, ensuring a smooth and free movement of the 3 axes.

S-BUS receiver support
Il modulo gimbal supporta la maggior parte dei trasmettori e riceventi presenti sul mercato. Esso fornisce una ricevente Futaba S-BUS con supporto e risulta facile da usare.

Controllo della velocità dei 3 assi di rotazione
Il sistema di controllo di rotazione a 3 assi del gimbal Zenmuse è sempilce e facile da usare. La velocità di rotazione degli assi del gimbal corrisponde alla velocità con cui si muove lo stick di controllo. L’algoritmo di controllo garantisce alte prestazioni ed un eccellente precisione di rotazione degli assi, inoltre la rotazione del gimbal non risulterà influenzata anche quando il velivolo viaggia ad alta velocità orizzontale o verticale.Disponibile per i seguenti modelli di fotocamera (specificare nell’ordine):

Canon 5D Mark III
Sony A7
Panasonic GH4
BlackMagic Pocket Cinema

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