DJI Inspire 1 V2.0



  • Ready-to-fly
  • 4K camera 
  • gimbal 3 axis brushless
  • Live HD video transmission 
  • App to adjust camera settings, edit videos, and flight parameters
  •  External or indoor GPS positioning system     


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Dji Inspire 1 V 2.0

The Inspire 1 propulsion system is unique among all flight platforms. The drone suitable for professional film makers to manage advanced flight requests, increasing efficiency and reliability.

Carbon fiber carriage arms that give the rigidity of maneuvering in the air and get up simply by pressing a switch.

With 360⁰ of free view, you now have the freedom to capture shots independent of where you fly. Each part, each component of the Inspire 1 has been designed to be durable and lightweight. The aerodynamic design of the body further improves control over the aircraft. In this way the flight range is greater!

The cameras can be removed from the aircraft for safe transport and future updates. The new camera and DJI stabilization gimbal guarantee stable video in all flight conditions.

Video: 4K @ 24-30 fps, or 1080p @ 24-60fps, Photo: 12 megapixel Objective: 9 elements in 9 groups, including an aspheric element; sensor 1 / 2.3 inches CMOS 94⁰ wide-angle FOV 3 axis, 360⁰ gimbal with Live View HD 720p 

The HD real-time view shows you exactly what the drone camera is seeing. This is made possible by a whole new and improved version of DJI’s Lightbridge technology that can transmit video at a maximum of 5 km.


Inspire 1 Ultra-compact 4k drone


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