DJI S900 Spreading Wings A2



Check out S900 professional DJ drone for aerial photography. Info and prices drone

Retractable trolley, folding propellers and folding GPS support

The dji S900  drone  has been specially designed for high-end professional aerial photography and film shooting. The frame is supplied with retractable landing gear, propellers and folding arms to minimize space requirements. Every detail has been designed according to the needs of users, and its light weight gives them a longer flight time.

Safe and stable
The V-shaped design of the S900’s arms offers excellent propulsion, improving energy efficiency. Combined with a control unit like the A2, exceptional stability is guaranteed.

With a weight of around 3.3 kg and a maximum take-off weight of around 8 kg, the S900 can easily transport heavy equipment such as a Panasonic GH4 Reflex, for example.
Using a 6S 12000mAh battery can fly up to about 18 minutes.

Gimbal and battery must be mounted on the same bracket, with shock absorbers positioned between the bracket and the frame. This greatly reduces high frequency vibrations and makes images clearer and sharper.
The position of the battery holder also makes it easier to assemble and remove the battery.

Dji S900 is undoubtedly one of the best professional drones in its range

Kit contents:
– Frame new carbon series
– Retractable trolley

Anti- vibration set – 6 engines 4114-11 400 KV
– 6 ESC 40A integrated in the arms
– 6 Folding 15×5.2 folding propellers
– 1 DJI – A2 Multirotor stabilizer with integrated RX

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