Futaba T18MZ 2.4 Ghz FASSTTest™ Radio


Futaba T18MZ 2.4 Ghz FASSTTest ™ Radio


Technical features:
Radio channels 18
Band 2.4 Ghz
Modulation FHSS / FASST / FASSTTest
Batteries 7.4V 3500 mA LiPo (included)
Absorption 500 mA max
dimensions 200x190x60 mm
Weight 1185 g with batteries
Instructions Italian
Version European
Mode 1-2-3-4
warranty Official


Specify when ordering the chosen version (MODE 1/3 – MODE 2/4)


Discover Futaba T18Mz price and information 

Futaba T18MZ

Professional 18-channel 2.4GHz
radio control – Not only the first Futaba 18-channel remote control, it is also the first radio control in the world to have the technology revolutionary FASSTTest ™!
– The 18MZ is so revolutionary that it has the ability to change the way you design 2.4GHz systems.
– The information provided later on the 18MZ radio is just a few points considered to be more interesting and significant than the others, but it is not all here, in the future there will be much more to discover. 

FASSTTest technology
– It is the most advanced but at the same time compatible with Futaba FASST ™, FHSS and S-FHSS systems.
– It is bidirectional, that is to say that it is able to support all the functions of the telemetry.

The 18MZ system
It is the first Futaba 18-channel remote control. It comes with an R7008SB receiver that allows you to use all the channels you need, many or few:
– you can use up to 8 channels with the standard PWM servos, but you also have the possibility to use analog servos, S .Bus or S.Bus2.
– through the two S.Bus2 ports you can use all 18 channels with simple and safe settings and a complete support for the S.Bus and S.Bus2 servos. 

With the SD memory card you have ample opportunity to store template settings, make updates … and much more .
Its versatile internal memory is not only for the models but also for sounds and images, in this regard the 18MZ has a 0.3 megapixel camera that allows you to photograph the models and store the image for easy recognition of the combined memory to that model.
It has a 6 “touch screen with 640×240 pixel resolution.

Large, bright and backlit, to present data in any light, bright condition and with minimal energy consumption. A light touch is enough to program easily switching from one screen to another.
Even with this radio, as with the latest Futaba models, you can download software updates from the internet, so you will have a system that is always up to date with improvements that are sometimes unthinkable. [/ Vc_column_text] [vc_column_text]

The transmitter battery is a 7.4V, 3500 mAh LiPo and is supplied as standard.

The 18MZ transmitter has a USB port to which external memories, keyboards, and mice can be connected, or used to download telemetry data to the PC for storage or for use in evaluation programs.
It also includes a serial interface. Futaba already offers an independent interface (CIU-2) to program runs and other functions for the S.Bus and S.Bus2 servos. All this can also be done with the 18MZ radio remote control.
The angle of the sticks can be adjusted quickly and easily, as was already done on the 14MZ, where it was very successful for the comfort in piloting, customizing the setting with ease and precision.
Of course, in addition to all this, the almost infinite possibilities of mixing and adjustment on all controls, quickly and easily thanks to the touch-sensitive screen.

Kit contents:

  • T18MZ transmitter

  •  TX LiPo battery, 7.4 V 3500 mAh

  • battery charger TX LiPo 220V automatic

  • receiver R7008SB

  • suitcase in burnished aluminum

  • nib

  • shoulder strap

  • switch with charge socket Futaba T18MZ price


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