SenseFly eBee Ground Station ENAC CRITICHE 5 Batteries


SenseFly eBee Ground Station 5 Batteries


NB When purchasing SenseFly eBee , the eMotion Flight Planning Software , Ground Station and 5 Batteries are included,  so you do not need to buy anything else. Also included the package to get the ENAC recognition on ZONE CRITICAL


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SenseFly eBee – Drone For Mappings

Our package also includes all the manuals plus the complete assistance to get the recognition in CRITICAL ZONE SenseFly eBee is an advanced drone intended for surveying professional aerofotogrammetric.

The package comes with Horus Dynamics Professional Ground Station, which allows you to constantly monitor the flight of the drone and interact with it.

With 45 minutes of flight range and great resistance to the wind, it allows you to easily make surveys up to 1000 hectares in a single flight.

Thanks to the 5 included batteries you can carry out long operations without having to worry about having to recharge

It also has the ability to take oblique photographs and perform linear landings as well as circular.

With its 18MP camera it is able to take photographs with a ground resolution up to 1.4 cm / pixel.

The images acquired by the SenseFly eBee have GPS data and are therefore ready for the next steps of photogrammetric processing with software such as Pix4D for the extraction of DSM, DTM, level curves, orthomosaics, point clouds and much more.

 Sense Fly eBee for topographic surveys up to 1.5 cm / pixel

Main features

  • 96cm wingspan
  • 700g take-off weight
  • 18MP camera, electronically controlled
  • LiPo batteries
  • Up to 45 minutes of flight range
  • Cruising speed 36-57 km / h (10-16m / s)
  • Up to 45km / h (12m / s) of wind resistance
  • > 3 km of radio coverage
  • Area detected for each flight 1.5-10 kmq
  • Linear and circular landing
  • Oblique photo
  • EMotion 2 software for flight planning / simulation
  • Ground resolution of 1.4-30cm / pixel images (based on flight altitude)


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