SenseFly Albris Pix4D Pro ENAC CRITICHE


SenseFly Albris Pix4D Pro


NB Purchasing SenseFly Albris includes the eMotion Flight Planning Software and a license of the Pix4D Pro Software for postprocessing of the images, so it is not necessary to purchase any other software, including the package to get the ENAC recognition on ZONE CRITICAL


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SenseFly Albris Pix4D Pro

NB Purchasing SenseFly Albris includes the eMotion flight planning software and a license of the Pix4D Pro software for postprocessing the images, so you do not need to purchase any other software. Our package also includes all the manuals plus the complete assistance to get the recognition in ZONE CRITICHE  SenseFly Albris has been designed to achieve maximum efficiency and safety during the inspection phases of buildings and other vertical structures.

On-board proximity sensors provide information processed by state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms, allowing the drone to navigate independently avoiding obstacles.

SenseFly Albris captures georeferenced video, photo and thermal images simultaneously.

The flight is completely programmed by PC and the drone performs all phases in complete autonomy.

The acquired data are then post-processed through the Pix4D Pro software (a license included) which allows to obtain countless data such as DTM, DSM, level curves, orthophotos and much more.


Main features


  • Intelligent multidirectional
    sensors (vision sensors and ultrasonic proximity sensors)
  • Multi- sensor acquisition
    Three distinct types of images captured: HD video, thermal images and video, and high-resolution images.
  • Shockproof structure
    The carbon fiber that surrounds Albris allows you to tackle the most dangerous inspection jobs
  • Dual flight
    mode Interactive mode for live inspections and completely autonomous mode if the specific subject to be detected is already known
  • Autopilot
    The artificial intelligence built into the senseFly autopilot analyzes the data in real time to optimize every aspect of the flight
  • Power supply
    Low noise, no pollution, easy and quick battery replacement for prolonged use
  • Advanced security
    Numerous automatic self-monitoring and recovery procedures are active to minimize the risk of problems in the air


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