Edelkrone Slider Plus M


Edelkrone Slider Plus M


  • Tracking System for Increased Range
  • 31.5 “Sliding Range When Tripod Mounted
  • 15.7 “Sliding Range on Flat Surfaces
  • 8.8 lb Load Capacity


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Slider Edelkrone Slider Plus M Rental


The new and innovative Edelkrone Slider PLUS is compact, lightweight, made with quality materials . But, above all, revolutionary .

The Turkish Slider producer was in fact able to re-interpret a concept of itself not to be almost questioned. It is “a cart that runs on a binary”.

Of slider , in commerce, there are of any size and price. The SliderPLUS  can move the cursor and guide at the same time, when it is mounted on a tripod, thus doubling its useful stroke. It can be mounted on a tripod stand or used independently.

Edelkrone’s sliderPLUS is a slider that uses a unique sliding mechanism. It allows the cursor rails to move the camera when mounted on a tripod. Its compact size makes it ideal for travel, or for those who want less space occupied in the camera bag. The slider supports loads up to 8.8 pounds.


Thanks to the carts with Edelkrone SliderPLUS ,you will have film-level shooting!


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