Flir Vue PRO 336


Specifiche tecniche FLIR Vue

Termocamera Microbolometro VOx non raffreddato
Risoluzione 640×512 336×256
Ottiche opzionali 9 mm; 69° x 56°
13 mm; 45° x 37°
19 mm; 32° x 26°
6,8 mm; 44 ° x 36 °
9 mm; 35 ° x 27 °
13 mm; 25 ° x 19 °
Banda spettrale 7,5 – 13,5 μm
Full Frame Rate 30 Hz (NTSC); 25 Hz (PAL)
solo US, non per l’esportazione
Frame rate esportabile 7,5 Hz (NTSC); 8,3 Hz (PAL)
Specifiche fisiche
Dimensioni 57,4 x 44,4 mm (ottica inclusa)
Peso 92,1 – 113,4 g (a seconda della configurazione)
Fori di montaggio di precisione Two M2x0,4 on each of the two sides and on the bottom
A 1 / 4-20 threaded hole on the top
Image processing and display controls
Image optimization for SAPR Yup
Digital Detail Enhancement Yes – Configurable in the GUI
Image tipped? Yes – Configurable in the GUI
Polarity check (warm black / warm white) and color palettes Yes – Configurable in the GUI
Input voltage 4.0 × 6.0 V DC
Dissipation, in steady state (max 2.5 W when the shutter operates for about 0.5 seconds) <1.2 W ~ 1.0 W
Operating temperature range From -20 ° C to 50 ° C
Temperature range not in use From -55 ° C to 95 ° C
Altitude of exercise 40,000 feet



FLIR Vue Pro 336


Simple and accessible thermal imaging camera for professional drones

With FLIR and its professional Vue thermal imager you will  solve all your drone operator thermographic needs, without paying for unnecessary advanced features.

Flie Vue is totally Pre-configured to give you optimal images in the most diversified conditions, FLIR Vue is so light that it does not unbalance the drone nor weigh on the duration of the flight even on drones of modest size. Its simple video input / output connections make it easy to integrate into virtually any aerial platform.


With Flir Vue your drone will become an advanced thermographic device!

 Thanks to Flir your drone will be able to take advanced inspections:

  • Search and rescue
  • Fight against fires (see the FAQ for more details)
  • also Precision agriculture
  • Roof inspections
  • an Inspections of supply lines
  • an Inspections of electrical substations
  • also Inspections of radio pylons
  • also Safety Surveying
  • And practically everything imaginable!


You can also mount Flir Vue on small drones thanks to its low weight and ease of use!

 Simply connect a GoPro cable to the 10-pin mini-USB connector to power the camera with 5V DC and bring the analog video signal output to the video or OSD transmitter. For information or other versions of the Flux 30Hz of the Vue 640 contact us more detailed contact us! 

Grazie alla tecnologia Flir avrai riprese termografiche da drone senza precedenti! Perfetta per ispezioni, ricerca e soccorso, fpv, e monitoraggio perdite de drone!


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