Horus Dynamics ZERO Drone X8


Horus Dynamics ZERO Drone X8


Check out the drone X5 thermographic inspections prices and info!

Horus Dynamics ZERO Drone X8


The professional Drone developed by us to carry out countless activities, fully customizable.
Thanks to the integrated PC, it can be configured with almost all the systems and sensors on the market.

drone inspections

Technical specifications: drone inspections Center
distance 850mm
Configuration X8
Propellers 14 ”
Operating voltage 22.2V – 6S LiPo
DJI autopilot A2
Data processing system Intel
weight 700g Maximum takeoff weight 5000g
Maximum autonomy 25 min 

Offer Content:

  • Drone Horus Dynamics Zero X8
  • DJI A2 GPS Guide System
  • Video transmission system
  • 1080p fixed camera
  • PC Windows Horus Dynamics

Not included: radio remote control and batteries.  The professional ZERO X8 Drone was developed specifically for inspections and search for missing, equipped with The thermal imaging camera Flir is able to penetrate even the most inaccessible places to always be able to get there, where the customer needs. 

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