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DJI Ronin


DJI Ronin

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 Dji ronin rental service prices and info 

Rental DJI Ronin

TIME SAVING ON THE SET; once the camera is set up, thanks to the Ronin dji rental service you can be ready on set in just 5 minutes, saving time and increasing efficiency. The built-in ATS technology (Auto Tune Stability) intelligently tunes Ronin to your camera rig at the touch of a button.

The SMOOTHTRACK CONTROL allows you to transform tilt movements and panning with the Ronin into muted and stabilized camera angle changes.

Extremely resistant, the high quality of the materials and construction quality ensures a durable product. Made of aeronautical aluminum CNC machined, the Ronin offers reliability.

The BLUETOOTH Mobile Assistant SOFTWARE, iOS software and Android Assistant DJI is packed with features and allows easy configuration of all system settings.

Gimbal is not customized for each specific camera. It can easily be adjusted to carry everything from small and light M4/3 cameras and heavier systems like Canon and RED Epic. The DJI Zenmuse cardan joints were the first systems on the market worldwide to use brushless technology for professional shooting and aerial photography. The Zenmuse gimbal line has long been a benchmark in the industry.

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