DJI Matrice 600


Dji Matrix 600, professional drone for aerial shots and inspections


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DJI Matrix 600 professional drone

 Tech Specs dji Matrix:

Extended Flight Time and Long Range
Transmission Professional HD Transmission
Powerful app control
Upgradable SDK with A3 PRO and D-RTK GNSS Designed for filmmaker and for industrial applications dji array 600 is an unprecedented drone
Supports different Gimbal , including the Ronin-MX
Integrated A3 and Lightbridge 2 Matrix is ​​a drone intended for a professional audience and comes standard with the new N1 autopilot, the GPS PRO PLUS and the radio control combined with the DJI LIghtBridge. It can be equipped with two batteries that allow you to increase the autonomy to 40 minutes with two TB48D LiPo without payload.
Matrix also gives the possibility to install extension supports to accommodate sensors, proprietary electronics and other devices. To connect them, it is possible to use the two CAN BUS ports and the two UART ports.
Matrix 100 is a fully programmable drone thanks to the DJI SDK, among the accessories interfaced with the SDK there is the guidance a multisensor that integrates cameras and ultrasonic sensors that combined with a visual recognition algorithm allows to scan in real time the surrounding environment and identify obstacles. Thanks to the flight control, obstacles can also be avoided at high speed. 

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