Ground Station Inspire PRO DJI D.O.


Ground Station Inspire PRO DJI D.O.



  • Valigia Pelican Antishock
  • Monitor Touch Screen 10″ HD
  • Sistema di trasmissione video Digitale HD
  • Sistema ULV (ultra low movement)
  • Potenza di segnale raddoppiata
  • Supporto per cavalletti Manfrotto



Ground Station Inspire PRO DJI Doppio Operatore

Two Professional Ground Stations for all DJI Inspire drone models

Get the most out of your DJI Inspire thanks to the two Horus Dynamics Ground Stations that integrate all the features of the original radio controls, 10 “high-definition touch screen monitor. Live Video HD digital transmission system and ULV (Ultra Low Movement) system get very fluid shots thanks to the possibility of micrometric camera control.

The two Ground Stations are ideal for professional videomakers who use the drone in a dual operator configuration, allowing on one hand the drone driving and on the other hand to maneuver only the camera.

Moreover, thanks to the integrated boost system the original signal range is doubled, guaranteeing noise-free shooting and signal loss even at long distances.



  • Pelican Antishock suitcase
  • also Monitor Touch Screen 10″ HD
  • HD Digital video transmission system
  • also ULV system (ultra low movement)
  • Signal strength doubled
  • also Manfrotto easel support

Technical specifications:

  • MODE 1-2-3-4
  • also Display Touch Screen 10″ HD
  • Digital Transmission 2,4 GHz
  • also Signal Range 3000m in optimal conditions
  • also Autonomy Max 6 hours
  • Weight 3500g


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