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Rent DJI Ronin M


DJI Ronin M

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Rental DJI Ronin M


If you are not a professional, but you are a lover of shooting and photography, or if you do it only as a hobby, having a steadycam like Ronin M can really make your shooting extraordinary.

Ronin M weighs just over 2 kg, which makes it relatively light compared to its predecessor, which weighed almost 10 kg. Most of the components are made of magnesium , carbon fiber and aluminum keeping it light, but at the same time very durable. The high strength structure of crankshaws cancels worries about bending or twisting.

The battery life on the Ronin M is simply incredible . In the professional use of shooting where ronin and camera are out for 50% of the time, you will not even need to buy extra batteries. The gimbal is able to perform  over 8 hours of video shooting and still remain with charged batteries.


Thanks to DJI Ronin M your shooting prospects will have no limits! You’ll have cinema-level results!


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