Ronin MX DJI Steadycam


Ronin MX DJI Steadycam



  • Compatible with DJI M600
  • Supports RED EPIC, ARRI ALEXA Mini and more cameras
  • Designed for stability in high G-force environments
  • 5 minute set-up
  • Professional 3-axis handheld stabilization
  • 3 modes of operation: Upright, Underslung, Briefcase
  • Auto Tune Stability (ATS) for rapid balancing
  • SmoothTrack™ movement smoothing


 Scopri Ronin Mx gimbal professionale dji 

Ronin MX DJI Steadycam

 The Ronin-MX was designed to carry many of the cameras used every day on set around the world, and SmoothTrack ™ algorithms ensure smooth movements in every configuration. Repositioning the battery improves balance while it is stable. Silent engines prevent the microphones from receiving engine noise. 

Ronin Mx can be installed on drones or used as a staedycam!

 The Ronin-MX is compatible with Lightbridge 2, and allows HD video transmission up to 5 km away. When combined with the optional DJI Focus expansion module, you can broaden your creativity with fire control for movie-level shooting. DJI Assistant the dedicated Assistant application for iOS and Android, allows a complete customization of the Ronin-MX and his behavior. Customization allows you to adapt and set it to perfection for several motion picture cameras like Arri and Red Epic. 

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