Osmo Mobile DJI


Osmo Mobile DJI


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Osmo Mobile DJI


ActiveTrack technology integrated into the DJI GO app allows Osmo mobile to automatically keep the smartphone facing the desired position as you move.

The Osmo mobile 3-axis cardanic suspension system refines the movements, transforming each film into a cinematic video.

With just a few taps, the Timelapse Osmo mobile function makes surprising videos.

Osmo Mobile lets you share special moments in real time using YouTube Live in the DJI GO app. Taking pictures in low light conditions, thanks to the powerful stabilization of the camera will be extremely easy.

The panorama function of Osmo Mobile automatically captures and merges 9 distinct photos together to create a breathtaking one. Used with its range of accessories, Osmo Mobile can be mounted almost anywhere, offering even more opportunities to get the perfect shot. 

Osmo Mobile is also open to developers who want to make presonalizations


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